Wake Up & Kick Ass with Love & Ego-Free Swagger

Wake Up & Kick Ass with Love & Ego-Free Swagger

By Dr. James Rouse, Well & Company Co-founder & Chief Wellness Officer

I am tired of not living up to the potential that is ready to be realized. It’s time. You know it for yourself as I know it for me-we have more to live and give up to…and we cannot wait to the time that we think would be better than now. Today and from this day forward we are inciting and supporting a movement. A movement against mediocrity and a movement to support you in getting your awesome on and you have all that you need to actualize your awesome. The road to awesome is less traveled, much more inspiring and all about giving yourself permission to grow your life. I am honored to serve you – here is some empowering food for thought on your journey.

At 6am what is more comfortable – continue to lye on your pillow or get up and put on your running shoes? What is easier- open a bag a chips or wash a bushel of kale? Is it more convenient to lead or follow? To grow, to create, expand and become more awesome in our livingness requires that we challenge the default button and blow away the malaise of mediocrity-choosing instead, to PUSH the NOT EASY button and wage an all out campaign to create great!

Our brains are programmed to seek ease and to make living, thinking and doing more efficient. Knowing that roughly 95% of our daily living behaviors are habitual-it is easy to see how we can fall into a rut and lose our mission and vision for growing, creating and expressing a powerful living groove. In our brains quest to conserve energy, IT goes about its business to make every routine a “no need to think about it” habit as quickly as possible. As a lights out student here to affirm and demonstrate living you’re A Game everyday-you may need to compassionately, yet courageously wake up and look at your daily habits and study the outcomes they are teaching and giving you.

There is inspiring evidence from the scientific community suggesting that our morning routine can truly set the tone for the day and quite possibly a life that is hovering at average or a life’s experience transcending amazing. If you program your morning mindset by the mainstream media-be clear that you are setting up a day of bad news. Anxiety, depression, over consumption of empty calories and all out defensiveness are likely to be your experience du jour-don’t like that show?! You have the power to tune into the media of morning mindfulness and rock a new paradigm of infinite possibility.

You can use the brains program to make habits fast to your advantage and leverage IT’s power now. I have adopted a morning habit of 5 rituals that I lovingly refer to as my HIGH 5-here’s my morning:

  • Up at 5 am (early morning risers are more productive, happy, have less insomnia and are more successful)
  • Meditate, pray, visualize, affirm and set goals/intentions for the day till 5:30 am (each of these practices will expand your brain, lower stress and make your more brilliant in every way)
  • Move with zeal and gratitude (morning movement will increase BDNF-miracle gro for your brain, increase dopamine which will increase your confidence and motivation)
  • Eat lean proteins and veggies for breakfast-breakfast eaters crush every marker for health from weight management to lower risk for diabetes and heart disease)
  • PDK (perform a public display of kindness before 9am-improves immune function for you and all who watch!)

 Live like you mean it and crush the force field of FLAT – make lights out living your habit for life!

Bad Gym Habits to Avoid

Bad Gym Habits to Avoid

Skipping Your Warm Up

It’s foolish to jump right into your workout! You’ll put yourself at risk for injuries or cramps. Aim to complete a five-minute warm-up that’s specific to the routine that follows. A light jog, for instance, if you plan to tackle intervals later. Increase the blood flow to the areas that will be challenged. 

Holding Static Stretches Before Lifting

Skip the touch-your-toes strategy even if you have deadlifts on the docket. Static stretched can limit your performance. Instead, do a handful of dynamic stretches like high-knees marches and glut kicks to get your heart pumping and your muscles limber. 

Logging Hours of Slow Cardio

While aerobic exercise is an important part of a complete fitness program. You can;t rely solely on hors of the elliptical if you want to lose weight. Strength training helps build and maintain muscle mass and stimulates the production of beneficial hormones. Plus it’s crucial for speeding up your resting metabolism. 

Sticking to the Same Old – Same Old

Gains. gains. Gain is the aim. Right? To reach your goals: lose fat, sculpt muscles, score a stronger core whatever they may be. You must change things up. Where ou are a beginner or a veteran. Aim to incorporate intervals at least every other workout. Bonus: Time will fly faster when you’re not on auto pilot. 

Doing Only Ab Exercises for Your Abs

All of the “Feel the burn” core work in the world will not make ab muscles appear if they’re hidden under a layer of fat. A good workout is a well-rounded workout.

From our friends at positivehealthwellness.com

This Is Our Year To Make History

This Is Our Year To Make History

By: Jim Pare, Well & Company Sales Development Consultant
All I can say is WOW! What a great opportunity and what fun I am having here at Well & Company.
When I arrived 5 short months ago, I found 3 great things: (1) the Well & Company products were top of the line, (2) Dr James was an amazing human being, (3) the Corporate Team was hard at work serving the existing Guides & customers, but there was something missing…
A “system” to help bring Well & Company to the masses. I knew from my more than 37 years of direct sales experience, that a structured selling system would do the trick. 
Voila – meet the Gifting System, the Cube and the Cube Apprenticeship programs!
Thanks to all the great leaders in the field, who have already started taking these toll and running with them we are seeing great growth and business expansion!
Fast forward to 2017 – where we are turning the industry on its ear with the introduction of the Well & Company Digital Marketing System – a Warm Market Sales Funnel that everyone can use easily and successfully with friends, family & associates!
Using the warm market funnel is as easy as 1..2..3.
  1. Share your unique link: yourusername.wakewellgift.com via Social Media or Email
  2. Watch as your friends, family and associates “sign-up” for their FREE GIFT of 3 days of Wake Well (all they pay is $1 for shipping). 
  3. Follow-Up after 3 days and see how they loved their products and enroll them as a customer! – That’s it! Super simple. 
And the best news of all – is the Gifts you are giving away through your Sales Funnel are FREE to you for 90 days!
This win/win system is the most innovative industry idea existing today! So very proud of everyone who was instrumental in helping create this game changer. Get back to your Team Leaders and find out what all the buzz is about because I am certain you will want to be a part of this!
Cheers to the most innovative company in Direct Sales today AND to a leadership team that will break new records and help so many people changes their lives in the process!
The time is now! Let’s make history in 2017!
Dynamic Balance

Dynamic Balance

Do something wonderful. People may imitate it – Albert Schweitzer

By Dr. James Rouse, Well & Company Co-founder & Chief Wellness Officer

I want to be different, daring and very alive – I want to grow, be courageous and live with my heart out loud…and I want that for you too.  We  have much to accomplish, people to love and inspire, creative projects to birth and complete-a life that is rich with energy, passion and purpose is poised to show  up in us, as us and thru us.  How do we enable or bodies and minds to express unreasonable greatness, unbridled beauty and love that shakes and wakes the planet.  We must honor and support the rhythm and dynamic nature of balance in order to thrive!

Reflect and begin within. What is your present state? What activities, thought patterns and habits drain your energy? Take a stand to release as many disempowering things, actions and people that do not improve your state of greater service.

Resurrect your commitment and faith. Belief in your possible allows the opportunity for it to show. Get clear about the gifts that you intend to share and see where you want them to go.  Faith and belief demonstrated in an optimistic outlook will shift your thinking, shift your mind and grow your life.

Rehearse the vision, purpose and outcome you desire.

Revive your passion with positive energy rituals. Self love and self care enable enlightened self awareness and self expression. Eat, move and think with purpose. Leverage discipline daily to choose foods and movement that nourish your gifts and talents so that they can be rock solid in the face of inevitable adversity.

Resilience is all about bouncing back stronger, clearer and better and knowing when to shift and go anew. Be a student of life and learn from the challenges to let go, course correct, move lighter and or surrender. Energy is gained by being retained when we honor the” space” between moving forward and being set back.  Know the “space” as grace.

Retreat into solitude to come back more alive. Solitude is food for mind and body. Solitude is a power source for new ideas, ways of being and deeper. If a Himalayan escape is not readily absorbable take a daily trek in nature.  In solitude our sub conscious guides with impeccable command.

Rest and restore your God-ness goodness and or Goddess. Establishing rituals for positive sleep hygiene will allow for you to flourish every day of your life with conviction and creativity.  Turn off the media, turn on the magic of deep and restorative sleep. Allow for active rest throughout the day with yoga, belly breathing and shameless naps.

Remember and rehearse the vision, purpose and outcome that you desire for your life often and always-living as the daring, creative, beautiful , loving, alive and Divine presence that you are!

Happy New Year to you all!



By Cynthia James, Well & Company Wellness Ambassador

This last month has been fast paced.   My book tour is in full swing and I am appearing as a guest on numerous radio shows  and summits to promote the book.  It has been exhilarating and takes a great deal of energy.  One day I sat down and contemplated how to keep balance in my life. Especially, during  a time with so much activity.  During my meditation I had the thought “balance is an inside job.”  After the meditation I spent time journaling and I want to share with you my revelations.

  1. There must be clarity on what is most important to you
  2. There must be a willingness to prioritize
  3. There must a willingness to become still

Those three items have become my focus as I move through this summer and fall.  Here are the ways I have put these things into practice.  Perhaps it might assist you in creating more balance in your life.

  1. Connected time with my husband, family/friends, focus and clarity in my work.Time with my husband is non-negotiable. We plan time to carve out “love time” since we are both very busy.  I consistently text, call and email my loved ones to stay connected.  I calendar my work and health life to stay on target.  I connect with my team once a week to stay focused.
  2. Every week I look at my calendar to make sure I am committed in all three areas. It is on my mastermind sheets and I can tick off things as I complete them.  Rest, healthy eating and workouts are a must.
  3. My spiritual practice happens for 1 ½ hours a day. It includes meditation, journaling and reading something that feeds my soul.

I have heard from many of you that you are seeking more balance. What I want you to know is that it will not happen magically.  There are so many things to distract us. You have to be clear and committed to moving inside of you and asking what and how to create harmony and balance.  Please remember …..you deserve a life where harmonic convergence is the norm.

Much love and light,








By Suzy Ruggles, Senior Guide Well & Company

Twenty four years. TWENTY FOUR YEARS! That is how long it had been

since I had gotten a good nights sleep. I have no idea what began this

lengthy bout of non sleep. Over the years, in some insipid way, it had

just become a part of my life.

What this lack of sleep did to my life is profound. There were months,

and years, when I couldn’t hold down a job. There were times when I

had to miss my children’s events because I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I cancelled, or opted out of, evening get togethers because I thought if I

went to bed earlier that I would have a better chance of getting more

sleep. That usually didn’t work out so well. Instead, I was just missing

out on life.

Naturally, my physical and emotional health suffered. I gained weight.

Who can exercise when they can’t stay awake? My adrenals were

fatigued, causing me to feel nauseous and suffer from headaches. Most

days I just didn’t “feel well”. I was irritable a lot. Several times over the

years I suffered from depression.

To combat this lack of sleep I turned to both Eastern and Western

medicine. I took prescription sleeping aids, herbal teas, herbal

tinctures, anti depressants…whatever anyone suggested-I was game! I

tried acupuncture and it helped..a little. I tried numerous products

touted to help me sleep. I exercised in the morning, then at night,

attempting to see what would work. I read HUNDREDS, if not

THOUSANDS, of articles and research on sleep. I accepted many, many

phone calls from friends and family offering well meaning advice. Still, I

did not sleep. I existed, plodding through life.

I had begun to accept that extreme fatigue was just my burden to bear

in life. It was just a part of me, or so I thought. I was frustrated with all

of the suggestions and resigned myself to just not feeling rested.

And then I was introduced to this product called Rest Well. To be

honest, I considered it just like I had every other product before it-can’t

hurt. Might as well give it a try. The difference, though, was that I knew,

and respected, Dr James Rouse. So I ordered Rest Well, determined to

give it a fair shot. My confidence was not exactly high.

I began drinking the Rest Well nightly and just the warmth and taste

were soothing. I did not notice anything right away in the quality or

length of my sleep. I stuck with it. About six weeks into the ritual of

drinking my Rest Well I was driving home from work around 6 pm.

Normally, at this point, I would be struggling behind the wheel of my

car to keep my eyes open. My main thought would be on how fast I

could get home, eat dinner and crawl into bed by 730 pm, in order to

get up and do it all over again the next day. But this particular evening,

as I drove, listening to a song on the radio and noticing the colors of the

sun setting, I realized something: I was wide awake! I was stunned. I

got home that evening and went for a walk. Then I paid attention to my

feelings the next day. My focus was noticeably better. I was getting

more done.

As my sleep improved, even more as the weeks progressed, I felt those

sleepless symptoms begin to vanish. Friends noticed that my skin was

brighter; I lost weight. My mood brightened. I felt ready to take on life.

I began working out consistently and that alone changed my life. I no

longer felt constantly drained of life.

There is no way to describe almost a quarter century of sleeplessness

and fatigue. It is beyond description. It is exhaustion and sadness and

illness and desperation. It is watching the world pass you by as you sit,

wishing for ANYTHING that could help. It is spending thousands of

dollars on a possible solution…and still not sleeping. It is wanting

people to stop saying that they understand, because there is no way

they can. It is praying constantly for a solution. It is apologizing and


There is also no way to describe what it is like to wake up one day and

realize that I had just slept through the night. How do I explain what it

is like, at 2 pm, to know that I have enough energy to get through the

rest of my day? It is like opening a gift on Christmas morning and

realizing that the gift is having my life back. It is laughing more, enjoying

more, accomplishing more, loving more, just BEING more..

I know now that exhaustion and lack of sleep are not mine..they are not

who I am. THIS is who I am..awake and alert and engaged.

I am forever indebted to Dr James Rouse and Rest Well for giving me

my life back. This little essay has been written with tears streaming

down my face because I am so grateful..and I am NOT tired. BRING ON


Thank you!

Say Yes to Self Care Today!

Say Yes to Self Care Today!

By Laura Li, Senior Manager Well & Company 

Do you ever feel like you’re on the verge of a melt-down and filled with excitement for the future all that the same time?!!…Well, I’d say that just about sums up the last few months for me!

I’ve been through A LOT of transition over the past few months… Starting in April when we (me and my family) decided to put our house of 22 years on the market, downsize, and move to 2 bedroom apartment. Big stuff! Then right into a few weeks of painters in the house, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, and a decorator to stage. We did everything we could to prepare our home to get top dollar! Then onto juggling home showings, family in town, and my youngest son graduating from high school. A very fun and exciting time for sure!!! Then we transitioned right into selling, donating, giving away many items we owned, and packing the items we planned to take with us. This was a hard and cleansing process all at the same time! I’m sure anyone who has moved and/or downsized can relate in some way to what I’m saying!?… Then moving and realizing we still had too much stuff! Seriously, that was a surprise!!

During this entire time, experiencing many new things, and long to-do lists, I did what I could to take care of myself. Inspiring self care is my passion and I did what I could to inspire myself on daily basis. Whether it be to get outside and get some fresh air, take a hike (my favorite!!!), get a massage, or meet up with girlfriends… I knew that I could only be my best and take care of what had to be done if I was practicing self care regularly. Below is a picture of me on a recent hike at one of my favorite places.

What are you going through right now? What kind of change are you dealing with? When do you feel most stressed and struggle? I encourage you to ask yourself, stop long enough to hear the answer, and then be aware of what self care is needed for you to be your best with positive energy and clear focus. Not only for you, but for your family, friends, and community!

What will you do to say yes to self care today?!… Leave a comment and let me know.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to staying connected, and having a self care conversation with you. Snoop around my new site, learn about my newly created lifestyle brand, and sign up to get weekly inspirational self care emails on my home page.

Self Care Rocks! Laura Li


Return of You as the Jedi


By Dr. James Rouse, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Well & Company

What if you came back to who you really are…a Jedi! Yes, you in the next moment decided to own, claim, affirm and fully step into what the Oxford dictionary defines as someone “trained to guard and prosper peace and justice in the Universe”. As you step into this truth you will be inspired and fortified to know that the more you show up and serve flagrantly with ego free zeal and humble swagger the world around you will follow you too. Are you feeling you have room to grow? Take a deep diaphragmatic breathe…let’s go! 

That’s right – we have the most awesome and honorable JOB: to know and openly show that self-care, compassion and love are contagious forms of social and spiritual activism. Hold strong to your faith before you even consider dimming your light. Instead of shrinking with any limiting belief of your power to be a guardian of peace and purveyor of the greatest good – consider that we are One Spiritually and neurologically.  All you need to do to infect your family, friends and neighbors across the world and spread the good is to rock your own daily discipline of living the sermon of self – care. 

You, me, and everybody are tethered together with a powerful mimicking system called mirror neurons living in our brains. In essence, we love to “copy” what is blessed, beautiful, peaceful and love. How do you activate this neurological ninja making system? Simply, get up and get out in the world and show what love looks like: eat, serve, move, dance, create, appreciate, kind-iate and RADIATE and the world as one will follow your lead-shine bright, bold and beautiful as you are! 




noun: Jedi; plural noun: Jedi; plural noun: Jedis; noun: Jedi knight; plural noun: Jedi knights; noun: Jedi warrior; plural noun: Jedi warriors

1a member of the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars films, trained to guard peace and justice in the universe.

◦anyone with special privileges or supernormal powers reminiscent of a Jedi.”these guys hang out in places mere mortal lobbyists who were not Jedi warriors cannot go”








By Lisa Bookman, Well & Company Marketing

“I’d like to build the world a home

And furnish it with love

Grow apple trees and honey bees

And snow white turtle doves


I’d like to teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony

I’d like to hold it in my arms

And keep it company…”  – The Hillside Singers

As I experienced my first Well & Company “summit” – the Superstar Success Summit this weekend, I saw and felt a special harmony in the room.  I may be dating myself, but what I remember as the “Coke Jingle” came to mind. For days, I have been humming this song and thinking about the meaning of the words “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…”

How wonderful would this be?  It starts with one step at a time, one person at a time, coming together and furnishing with love.  From smaller events, larger events to one-on-one meetings, there is an understood harmony.

The second verse is what really made me think, “I’d like to hold it in my arms and keep it company…”.  

So for this week’s blog, let’s look back at a few times of harmony Well & Company has shared and “hold it in our arms”. 



REVJames 2

REVWith PippaJulie Gibbons



REVCynthia James


REVWith Pippa

“Let’s build the world a home”, 


PC: http://bit.ly/1iwBjAU



By Reasa Davis, Wellness Entrepreneur, Senior Guide 

Not long ago I was a young lady who had five kiddos, an ill mother living with her and a deployed husband. I was overweight, depressed but would not admit it and looking for a better way in life. My smile faded, laughter dimmed and I was diving deeper and deeper into a black hole. I decided that enough was enough and needed to feel better and live a better life. My family depended on me and I craved to be able to do more for and with them. They deserved that much and so much more from me. So began my journey. I worked out, ate right but couldn’t lose the weight. Since everything else failed, I had weight loss surgery. It was the best decision of my life. It change the my life and brought a smile back to my face. Yet, I felt something was missing, was off somehow. A few years had gone by and I was still feeling as if something important was missing from my life. My marriage was awesome, kiddos amazing and loving life. Yet, something still nagged at the back of my mind that I was missing out on something and couldn’t figure it out. One day, as I was cruising through my emails I saw that a huge announcement was going to be made for a challenge with my awesome company. The day arrived for that announcement and I knew I had to take part in what was being offered. I knew my life depended on it. That may sound dramatic, but it was truth. I knew right away that energy was missing from my life. Between being a wife, mom, mail clerk, friend, Guide and all around decent human I was exhausted. Even with eating right, exercising, gratitude and being aware the energy was still not there. As the Daily Well Energy Challenge began I had no clue what awaited me. The journey would be an unknown for me. As the days went by I found the energy to work, play and share my life with others. I was able to enjoy family time even with my days starting at 3 am. I was able to sleep better. Yet the greatest thing for me was realizing what I could let go of other things, people and obligations to have energy for the most important people and things in her life. I began to look at what was draining me and taking up my time. I began to let things go and stopped saying yes to so many things. The DWL Challenge had shown me what was important to me and how to get back to those things. It was family, self care and being present with each and every person I come into contact with. For me the challenge was not just about having more energy it turned into a journey of self awareness. I had let many unimportant things into my daily life that I had no energy for those close to me. I am still working on focusing on those people and things that are the most important to me. I now have the energy to love those closest to me and the ability to say no to those things that will take me away from who and what I need to focus on.

Thank you for taking a simple challenge of using Wake Well and Revive Well to show me that energy is not just a physical presence in my body, but an awareness in my soul.

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