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Bad Gym Habits to Avoid

Bad Gym Habits to Avoid

Holding Static Stretches Before Lifting

Skip the touch-your-toes strategy even if you have deadlifts on the docket. Static stretched can limit your performance. Instead, do a handful of dynamic stretches like high-knees marches and glut kicks to get your heart pumping and your muscles limber.

Logging Hours of Slow Cardio

While aerobic exercise is an important part of a complete fitness program. You can;t rely solely on hors of the elliptical if you want to lose weight. Strength training helps build and maintain muscle mass and stimulates the production of beneficial hormones. Plus it's crucial for speeding up your resting metabolism.

Sticking to the Same Old - Same Old

Gains. gains. Gain is the aim. Right? To reach your goals: lose fat, sculpt muscles, score a stronger core whatever they may be. You must change things up. Where ou are a beginner or a veteran. Aim to incorporate intervals at least every other workout. Bonus: Time will fly faster when you're not on auto pilot.

Doing Only Ab Exercises for Your Abs

All of the "Feel the burn" core work in the world will not make ab muscles appear if they're hidden under a layer of fat. A good workout is a well-rounded workout.

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