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By Cynthia James, Well & Company Wellness Ambassador

This last month has been fast paced.   My book tour is in full swing and I am appearing as a guest on numerous radio shows  and summits to promote the book.  It has been exhilarating and takes a great deal of energy.  One day I sat down and contemplated how to keep balance in my life. Especially, during  a time with so much activity.  During my meditation I had the thought “balance is an inside job.”  After the meditation I spent time journaling and I want to share with you my revelations.

  1. There must be clarity on what is most important to you
  2. There must be a willingness to prioritize
  3. There must a willingness to become still

Those three items have become my focus as I move through this summer and fall.  Here are the ways I have put these things into practice.  Perhaps it might assist you in creating more balance in your life.

  1. Connected time with my husband, family/friends, focus and clarity in my work.Time with my husband is non-negotiable. We plan time to carve out “love time” since we are both very busy.  I consistently text, call and email my loved ones to stay connected.  I calendar my work and health life to stay on target.  I connect with my team once a week to stay focused.
  2. Every week I look at my calendar to make sure I am committed in all three areas. It is on my mastermind sheets and I can tick off things as I complete them.  Rest, healthy eating and workouts are a must.
  3. My spiritual practice happens for 1 ½ hours a day. It includes meditation, journaling and reading something that feeds my soul.

I have heard from many of you that you are seeking more balance. What I want you to know is that it will not happen magically.  There are so many things to distract us. You have to be clear and committed to moving inside of you and asking what and how to create harmony and balance.  Please remember … deserve a life where harmonic convergence is the norm.

Much love and light,





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