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Dynamic Balance

Dynamic Balance

Do something wonderful. People may imitate it - Albert Schweitzer

By Dr. James Rouse, Well & Company Co-founder & Chief Wellness Officer

I want to be different, daring and very alive - I want to grow, be courageous and live with my heart out loud...and I want that for you too.  We  have much to accomplish, people to love and inspire, creative projects to birth and complete-a life that is rich with energy, passion and purpose is poised to show  up in us, as us and thru us.  How do we enable or bodies and minds to express unreasonable greatness, unbridled beauty and love that shakes and wakes the planet.  We must honor and support the rhythm and dynamic nature of balance in order to thrive!

Reflect and begin within. What is your present state? What activities, thought patterns and habits drain your energy? Take a stand to release as many disempowering things, actions and people that do not improve your state of greater service.

Resurrect your commitment and faith. Belief in your possible allows the opportunity for it to show. Get clear about the gifts that you intend to share and see where you want them to go.  Faith and belief demonstrated in an optimistic outlook will shift your thinking, shift your mind and grow your life.

Rehearse the vision, purpose and outcome you desire.

Revive your passion with positive energy rituals. Self love and self care enable enlightened self awareness and self expression. Eat, move and think with purpose. Leverage discipline daily to choose foods and movement that nourish your gifts and talents so that they can be rock solid in the face of inevitable adversity.

Resilience is all about bouncing back stronger, clearer and better and knowing when to shift and go anew. Be a student of life and learn from the challenges to let go, course correct, move lighter and or surrender. Energy is gained by being retained when we honor the" space" between moving forward and being set back.  Know the "space" as grace.

Retreat into solitude to come back more alive. Solitude is food for mind and body. Solitude is a power source for new ideas, ways of being and deeper. If a Himalayan escape is not readily absorbable take a daily trek in nature.  In solitude our sub conscious guides with impeccable command.

Rest and restore your God-ness goodness and or Goddess. Establishing rituals for positive sleep hygiene will allow for you to flourish every day of your life with conviction and creativity.  Turn off the media, turn on the magic of deep and restorative sleep. Allow for active rest throughout the day with yoga, belly breathing and shameless naps.

Remember and rehearse the vision, purpose and outcome that you desire for your life often and always-living as the daring, creative, beautiful , loving, alive and Divine presence that you are!

Happy New Year to you all!

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