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Forgiveness is Freedom

Forgiveness is Freedom

co-founderBy Dr. James Rouse, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Well & Company

I miss the mark many times each and everyday. Do you? Sometimes it comes in the form of a way less than centered and focused meditation practice. It happens quite frequently when I forget for a moment that traffic lights are not personal (especially when I am running late). It happened just this morning when I woke up under the influence of worry and needed to give my self a “check up from the neck up” and get my gratitude back on again. And all too often I choose to live and give small and not be as present as I know I really like to be-choosing instead to get lost in my phone screen or my own drama playing on the screen of my mind. But, in spite of my all too humanness I am raising my life game and choosing to move with mindful abandon to see how quickly I can forgive and grow. 

Why would we want to become wonderfully good at forgiveness and gifting ourselves a life outside of grudges? Because it will give us a much better opportunity to live longer and stronger, decrease our blood pressure, empower our immune systems, augment our mind-genius making ability and lift us into the rare of greater happiness as our condition instead of being conditional. It appears that those of us willing to the fastest to forgive win at blessing our minds and bodies with the experience of greater peace and positivity. 

Yup, being world class in the art of forgiveness will make you more vulnerable. And, you may be at risk for not winning the ego’s fight to be right. But, choosing to be fast at forgiveness will honor you with winning at love (for others and self) as a way of life. Let your freedom reign! 





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