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A Friendship, A Wedding and A Weight-loss Adventure with Well & Company

A Friendship, A Wedding and A Weight-loss Adventure with Well & Company

By Crystal Walker & Felicia Garza, Well & Company Guides

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 7.48.25 PMMeet these two empowered women! Crystal Walker (right) and Felicia Garza (left) have been friends for several years. Together, Felicia and her husband, Chris, introduced Crystal to Chris’ best friend Jared, and after 5 years, Crystal and Jared are getting married this July!


Crystal has always struggled with her weight and throughout the years tried several other products to aid in weight-loss.  Unfortunately, she has sensitivity to caffeine.  The caffeine triggers migraines, so Crystal couldn’t use any of the other products she tried in the past. The Garza’s introduced the couple to Well & Company.  Crystal and Jared researched the Well & Company products, decided to try them and ultimately, incorporated Well & Company into their daily life.

The bride-to-be decided to take a journey of healthy weight-loss prior to her wedding. With the wedding (and dress) in mind, Crystal added Well & Company products to a daily regimen of working out and eating right to reach her goal of being a healthy bride for her most deserving groom. The journey led to an inspiring transformation, one that has evolved into a complete lifestyle change for her family.

Crystal and Felicia (who happens to be Crystal’s Matron of Honor), share their experience capturing the benefits to share with others and how Crystal’s journey is one of inspiration. Read all about Crystal and Felicia's adventure here!!


Crystal: “In honor of my time-hop picture and my alterations appointment for my wedding dress today, I'll get out of my comfort zone and show some progress!!

Crystal B and A

No, I don't take diet pills, or wake up early or pay a membership for a gym.  I drink Wake Well every morning and work out in my own home gym and watch what I eat! I haven't seen this low of a number (for me, anyways) on the scale in a LONG time…down 25 lbs.! I'm so excited and so proud of myself! I'll probably always have a "mommy tummy" but I have the best 3 gifts from it, so who cares? I will admit, watching my “tummy” go down and having muscles in there does feel really good!

Here’s how it started…”





Crystal: “When starting my journey, I will be honest, after a week of using Wake Well and replacing my snacking habits with Indulge Well Chocolates, I expected a drastic change. It didn’t happen and I was somewhat disappointed. However, I believed in these products and a few weeks later I could definitely see a difference. Mainly, my energy level and focus increased.  Continuing to use the products, I felt better than I had in a really long time. When I got engaged, I knew I needed to change my daily habits to maximize results for the BIG DAY!!! (Just a note: my loving fiancé proposed in the middle of the ocean on Valentine’s Day. I’m a lucky lady)!

In hindsight, I needed to do this for my life, but having a wedding ignited my flame to start working out as well.  Felicia and a few of my other bridesmaids went with me to find THE ultimate dress. After losing 25 lbs., I knew we needed to alter the dress. Felicia was with me, and my dress fit completely different. When I came out with it on, her face said it all. It was an incredible difference.  It wasn't until I put before and after side by side, that I was blown away myself. That single comparison is what inspired me to get uncomfortable and share on Facebook the difference that a few months can make!”


I am beyond blessed with an amazing support team and I am so grateful for Felicia! She has and continues to push and motivate me. I hope you are all blessed with a friend like Felicia. I still have a ways to go the difference is now I believe in me!  Before this, I couldn’t imagine starting my day mixing Wake Well in water, drinking it and working out. Now that I have, I don't see how anything else could get in my morning moving.  I love chocolate so the Indulge Well Chocolates were a no brainer for me!

I am so thankful Well & Company was shared with me and beyond grateful for the drive it has given me to be the best version of myself for my family and my life! Oh, and I have had several compliments and c’mon what girl doesn’t appreciate that?!

Felicia: “My girl Crystal Walker is amazing! She has lost 25 lbs. Not by pills, shakes or teas, but just by simply adding some energy and focus to her morning routine. She started by drinking Wake Well, replacing her daytime snacks with the Indulge Well Chocolates and eating healthier meals. With me being her Matron of Honor, I got to see Crystal in her wedding dress when she picked it out at the store and when she tried it on for alterations yesterday. Let’s just say her fiancé is going to be speechless when he sees her. Way to go Crystal I am bursting with excitement for you!”

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