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Gift Yourself Presence & Live Well Everyday!

Gift Yourself Presence & Live Well Everyday!

By Dr James Rouse, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Well & Company

Please read the following out loud with conviction:

“I know all I need to live an awesome, authentic, inspiring, creative, purposeful and inspiring life of fulfillment and love-today and everyday I courageously choose to engage in positive daily rituals that gift me the presence to live from this knowing!”

Well done-good for you! I am going to make an assumption that we are both desiring to have more deep-touch and less shallow-tech in our lives-are you with me?

My daily practice is choosing to upgrade from mere existing in fractured seconds to mindfully living in the moment. This new practice of mine is not easy and I could not imagine doing it without the support of PED’s. Yes, I am gratefully living under the influence of Performance Enhancing Discipline’s and seeing their power work to bring me the sweet gift of presence.

My new practice du jour is all about nourishing my mind, body and spirit with positive rituals and invigorating my personal mission to overcome the quiet and every expanding epidemic of presenteeism. According the Harvard Business Review, the unfortunate trend of presenteeism (at work-but out of it) is gaining momentum and costing businesses over 150 billion dollars per year. How many times have you been “there” in body but not in mind or spirit? Researchers blame our choice to not unplug, to not create conscious downtime and instead, and to not courageously engage in meaningful connection as the culprits for presenteeism. Is there an area in your life in which you are simply just going through the motions? Where are you pushing the auto-pilot button and not truly showing up? Are you missing out on meaning just trying to get thru the day? It's time for a “time out”…a self imposed “need more intention intervention”?! The power to overthrow this movement of malaise and mediocrity lies within you and me-and it’s time to rise up and shine!

The way back home to greater peace and presence can be realized by implementing these positive daily rituals-a map quest to take you from stressed to blessed:

(1) Media fast from all the screens (TV, computer monitor, cell phone) in your life for an hour, day or longer.

(2) Are you at risk for being a vegetate? Choose to mediate as researchers share that this daily practice may be the most efficient and effective means to gain focus, self-control and presence.

(3) Eat well and at regular 3 to 4 hour intervals to keep your blood sugar in balance - no or low glucose = no presence.

(4) Master single tasking and let the other balls you are juggling fall.

(5) And before you go to bed turn presence into prayer by writing in your Gratitude Journal as science says gratitude fosters high quality sleep and peace-filled presence.

The ultimate currency for humans is happiness and so much of what keeps us from being present is the chasing of something we hope will bring us happiness-money, status, stuff. Today, begin again by giving up the chase do an about face and choose to be present.

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