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By Marla Schanck, Guide, Well & Company & Daily Well Lifestyle Grand Prize Winner

Gray Skies~ Gray Days~ Gray Town~ Gray People
I had become a “mood­gray­person”. Not depressed, but never deeply joyful. Just flat! As a Texas collegiate tennis player; moving on to Colorado Nordic skiing and mountain running— I always felt an inner vibrancy, an Aliveness! Then came our families move to a Northern NY town on the Canadian border.
A move into gray. Something I had never experienced before. A beaming, “Hi! How are you?” was answered with an Eeyore “Not Bad..” Along with a local food foundation of poutine: French fries, gravy, and cheese curds Beaver Tails (fried dough) and the constant criticism of our economically depressed town
in which large brick buildings would literally fall down. My inner flame began to flicker as the “not bad” seeped in. It became a daily effort to spark my spark. To try and lift the flat mood I experienced each day from the gray skies, negativity, and gloom. I tried moving forward:

Gratitude: I am grateful for water, healthy family, freedoms
Diet: more whole foods and green smoothies
Sleep: strive to get to bed earlier
Exercise: gym, run, and yoga
and Vitamin D

All great, but just didn’t bring that deep inner joy. Finally, I just resolved that inner joy (a mood of happiness for no reason) wasn’t coming my way.
Then it happened or should I say “they happened” !! Kelly Gordon and Dr. James Rouse came glowing into my life. You could see the positive energy emanating off Dr. James as he spoke of Optimal Wellness. Kelly followed up and introduced me to Well and Company.
There was a spark! I jumped into the 90 Day Well Challenge. Awake in the morning!! 2 chews during the day~~ chocolate throughout~~ and Rest Well in the evening.

By the third day, I was AMAZED!
It started small,
way within—
and it just kept growing.
J0y, just joy, for no reason.
Not just in the morning,
but throughout the day, and the next day, and the next....
I Am Joyful!
A joyful mood person!

I began incorporating more of the Optimal Wellness teachings:
5 Minute Morning Wake­Up:
1 minute deep breathing
1 minute mantra/prayer
1 minute visualization
1 minute gratitude writing
1 minute vigorously moving
What a great foundation for my day!

Then with the Wake­Up Routine:
I added quietly drinking the Awake Well and then doing a few minutes of vigorous exercise. 

What really surprised me was how the Well and Company Daily High Five just seemed to evolve into my daily routine. 

I am now incorporating meditation into my day with the HeadSpace app. (Mindfulness) I am eating cleaner than ever and think about what I eat and how it fuels my body. (Nutrition)
I’ve started playing tennis with my daughter, which brings me great joy. (Movement)
I find I’m always ticking off things to be grateful for, as I move through my day. (Gratitude)
I am just HAPPY—it is now my everyday mood. (Optimism)

What I’ve come to realize is that we all have our “Life Books”.
Each page is a day in our lives.
We don’t want to have chapters of gray.
We want our story to shine brightly from within the pages.
I am truly grateful to Dr. James Rouse and Kelly Gordon for sharing the bright light of Wellness and Company.
I now have that inner glow that has been missing from my life for so many years.
I hope it shines bright enough to drive out the “not bad” from the many people I meet along my day.

My dad’s last words were “get involved in life”— My future is bright­­­

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