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It’s Time To Wake Up

It’s Time To Wake Up

By Dr. James Rouse, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Well & Company

1) Now is the time to choose to show up in this moment and live it to the fullest.

2) Believe fully that this is my time to live my life like the superhero that I came here to express.

3) I have all the tools to reveal my epic experience of living.

4) This is the truth of my being.

5) Have fun being awesome.

Every morning I write a “love note to myself” and the above was the one I wrote this morning. I am feeling a wonderful urgency to wake up and live my life like I mean it, like I know it and with focused and courageous attention I intend today to be a vital demonstration of living my love of myself and life out loud.

Yes, it is time for us to wake up. I declare now that we hereby claim with clarity and grateful conviction to dedicate ourselves to a daily practice of self care rituals that always deliver a valuable ROI (return on intention) that will increase our value in the form greater peace, positivity and ever expanding possibility. With this spirited wake up call we rise and shine!

Read aloud: “I am awake!” Close your eyes and visualize what you look like when you are fully awake. See yourself creating an uprising as you move into your day  wide awake to fully realize your potential. Awake to say to yourself “I love you” with enthusiastic kindness and unconditional acceptance as you see your reflection in your morning mirror. Awake as you still your mind to open to Spirit and create your most vibrant and alive meditation. See yourself wide awake transitioning from your prayer posture to your mind-full movement with power and poise as you gratefully embrace exercise as a gift to be practiced with uncensored zeal. Vividly witness what you look and feel like now that your living under the influence of a wave of enlightened and energized neurochemicals that you consciously created by choosing to dedicate yourself to the dynamic duo of “play and pray”. See your inner warrior for wellness being released and leading your orchestration of breakfast-feeding your appetite that is more fully wide awake to the infinite possibilities that eating with passion and purpose will bring to your mind and body. 

You, the wide-awake living demonstration of limitless abundance, energy and love that you are is now ready to expand your practice field of home, and now turn up your love light so bright that it ignites the whole world to follow your “living love note” to rise and shine!






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