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By Reasa Davis, Wellness Entrepreneur, Senior Guide 

Not long ago I was a young lady who had five kiddos, an ill mother living with her and a deployed husband. I was overweight, depressed but would not admit it and looking for a better way in life. My smile faded, laughter dimmed and I was diving deeper and deeper into a black hole. I decided that enough was enough and needed to feel better and live a better life. My family depended on me and I craved to be able to do more for and with them. They deserved that much and so much more from me. So began my journey. I worked out, ate right but couldn’t lose the weight. Since everything else failed, I had weight loss surgery. It was the best decision of my life. It change the my life and brought a smile back to my face. Yet, I felt something was missing, was off somehow. A few years had gone by and I was still feeling as if something important was missing from my life. My marriage was awesome, kiddos amazing and loving life. Yet, something still nagged at the back of my mind that I was missing out on something and couldn’t figure it out. One day, as I was cruising through my emails I saw that a huge announcement was going to be made for a challenge with my awesome company. The day arrived for that announcement and I knew I had to take part in what was being offered. I knew my life depended on it. That may sound dramatic, but it was truth. I knew right away that energy was missing from my life. Between being a wife, mom, mail clerk, friend, Guide and all around decent human I was exhausted. Even with eating right, exercising, gratitude and being aware the energy was still not there. As the Daily Well Energy Challenge began I had no clue what awaited me. The journey would be an unknown for me. As the days went by I found the energy to work, play and share my life with others. I was able to enjoy family time even with my days starting at 3 am. I was able to sleep better. Yet the greatest thing for me was realizing what I could let go of other things, people and obligations to have energy for the most important people and things in her life. I began to look at what was draining me and taking up my time. I began to let things go and stopped saying yes to so many things. The DWL Challenge had shown me what was important to me and how to get back to those things. It was family, self care and being present with each and every person I come into contact with. For me the challenge was not just about having more energy it turned into a journey of self awareness. I had let many unimportant things into my daily life that I had no energy for those close to me. I am still working on focusing on those people and things that are the most important to me. I now have the energy to love those closest to me and the ability to say no to those things that will take me away from who and what I need to focus on.

Thank you for taking a simple challenge of using Wake Well and Revive Well to show me that energy is not just a physical presence in my body, but an awareness in my soul.

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tags: #journey, self-awareness, #clarity, #gratitude

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