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By Suzy Ruggles, Senior Guide Well & Company

Twenty four years. TWENTY FOUR YEARS! That is how long it had been

since I had gotten a good nights sleep. I have no idea what began this

lengthy bout of non sleep. Over the years, in some insipid way, it had

just become a part of my life.

What this lack of sleep did to my life is profound. There were months,

and years, when I couldn’t hold down a job. There were times when I

had to miss my children's events because I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I cancelled, or opted out of, evening get togethers because I thought if I

went to bed earlier that I would have a better chance of getting more

sleep. That usually didn’t work out so well. Instead, I was just missing

out on life.

Naturally, my physical and emotional health suffered. I gained weight.

Who can exercise when they can’t stay awake? My adrenals were

fatigued, causing me to feel nauseous and suffer from headaches. Most

days I just didn’t “feel well”. I was irritable a lot. Several times over the

years I suffered from depression.

To combat this lack of sleep I turned to both Eastern and Western

medicine. I took prescription sleeping aids, herbal teas, herbal

tinctures, anti depressants…whatever anyone suggested-I was game! I

tried acupuncture and it helped..a little. I tried numerous products

touted to help me sleep. I exercised in the morning, then at night,

attempting to see what would work. I read HUNDREDS, if not

THOUSANDS, of articles and research on sleep. I accepted many, many

phone calls from friends and family offering well meaning advice. Still, I

did not sleep. I existed, plodding through life.

I had begun to accept that extreme fatigue was just my burden to bear

in life. It was just a part of me, or so I thought. I was frustrated with all

of the suggestions and resigned myself to just not feeling rested.

And then I was introduced to this product called Rest Well. To be

honest, I considered it just like I had every other product before it-can’t

hurt. Might as well give it a try. The difference, though, was that I knew,

and respected, Dr James Rouse. So I ordered Rest Well, determined to

give it a fair shot. My confidence was not exactly high.

I began drinking the Rest Well nightly and just the warmth and taste

were soothing. I did not notice anything right away in the quality or

length of my sleep. I stuck with it. About six weeks into the ritual of

drinking my Rest Well I was driving home from work around 6 pm.

Normally, at this point, I would be struggling behind the wheel of my

car to keep my eyes open. My main thought would be on how fast I

could get home, eat dinner and crawl into bed by 730 pm, in order to

get up and do it all over again the next day. But this particular evening,

as I drove, listening to a song on the radio and noticing the colors of the

sun setting, I realized something: I was wide awake! I was stunned. I

got home that evening and went for a walk. Then I paid attention to my

feelings the next day. My focus was noticeably better. I was getting

more done.

As my sleep improved, even more as the weeks progressed, I felt those

sleepless symptoms begin to vanish. Friends noticed that my skin was

brighter; I lost weight. My mood brightened. I felt ready to take on life.

I began working out consistently and that alone changed my life. I no

longer felt constantly drained of life.

There is no way to describe almost a quarter century of sleeplessness

and fatigue. It is beyond description. It is exhaustion and sadness and

illness and desperation. It is watching the world pass you by as you sit,

wishing for ANYTHING that could help. It is spending thousands of

dollars on a possible solution…and still not sleeping. It is wanting

people to stop saying that they understand, because there is no way

they can. It is praying constantly for a solution. It is apologizing and


There is also no way to describe what it is like to wake up one day and

realize that I had just slept through the night. How do I explain what it

is like, at 2 pm, to know that I have enough energy to get through the

rest of my day? It is like opening a gift on Christmas morning and

realizing that the gift is having my life back. It is laughing more, enjoying

more, accomplishing more, loving more, just BEING more..

I know now that exhaustion and lack of sleep are not mine..they are not

who I am. THIS is who I am..awake and alert and engaged.

I am forever indebted to Dr James Rouse and Rest Well for giving me

my life back. This little essay has been written with tears streaming

down my face because I am so grateful..and I am NOT tired. BRING ON


Thank you!

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