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Return of You as the Jedi

Return of You as the Jedi


By Dr. James Rouse, Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Well & Company

What if you came back to who you really are…a Jedi! Yes, you in the next moment decided to own, claim, affirm and fully step into what the Oxford dictionary defines as someone “trained to guard and prosper peace and justice in the Universe”. As you step into this truth you will be inspired and fortified to know that the more you show up and serve flagrantly with ego free zeal and humble swagger the world around you will follow you too. Are you feeling you have room to grow? Take a deep diaphragmatic breathe…let’s go! 

That’s right - we have the most awesome and honorable JOB: to know and openly show that self-care, compassion and love are contagious forms of social and spiritual activism. Hold strong to your faith before you even consider dimming your light. Instead of shrinking with any limiting belief of your power to be a guardian of peace and purveyor of the greatest good - consider that we are One Spiritually and neurologically.  All you need to do to infect your family, friends and neighbors across the world and spread the good is to rock your own daily discipline of living the sermon of self - care. 

You, me, and everybody are tethered together with a powerful mimicking system called mirror neurons living in our brains. In essence, we love to “copy” what is blessed, beautiful, peaceful and love. How do you activate this neurological ninja making system? Simply, get up and get out in the world and show what love looks like: eat, serve, move, dance, create, appreciate, kind-iate and RADIATE and the world as one will follow your lead-shine bright, bold and beautiful as you are! 




noun: Jedi; plural noun: Jedi; plural noun: Jedis; noun: Jedi knight; plural noun: Jedi knights; noun: Jedi warrior; plural noun: Jedi warriors

1a member of the mystical knightly order in the Star Wars films, trained to guard peace and justice in the universe.

◦anyone with special privileges or supernormal powers reminiscent of a Jedi."these guys hang out in places mere mortal lobbyists who were not Jedi warriors cannot go"





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