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Say Yes to Self Care Today

Say Yes to Self Care Today

By Laura Li, Well & Company Guide & Owner of Irresistibles, a Clothing and Accessory Boutique located in Centennial, Colorado.

My passion is inspiring a self care lifestyle from the inside out! What are you doing to Say Yes to Self Care Today?

A good place to start is by looking at the 5 Practices that Well & Company encourages on a daily basis - the Daily High Five: Optimism, Movement, Nutrition, Mindfulness, and Gratitude. All of which help you in Saying Yes to Your Self Care!

Optimism is making the decision to think positively. And yes, it is a decision at times, not always an automatic feeling. In my own life I’ve discovered more than once that being optimistic is not only contagious, it builds up inside to make me stronger. Maybe best of all, an optimistic lifestyle is anti-inflammatory, and I know we can all Say Yes to that!  Lastly, I like this definition, “The doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.”

Movement is a favorite of mine! I love to walk and hike outside all year round. The above picture is of me on a hike south of Denver, Colorado – my home. I get really excited about the idea of taking a hike; the longer the better! I think the main thing about movement is finding what works best for you. Is it walking, hiking, swimming, biking, going to a rec center or health club, skiing, rock climbing, racquetball, baseball, etc.? There are so many options!! I encourage you to find what works for you and just go do it!

Nutrition is an area I’ve spent a great deal of time on over the last 10 years after dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. I found that removing gluten from my diet along with lowering my dairy and sugar intake helps a great deal. Eating healthy foods makes me feel better, and when I feel better, I can inspire and serve others more!

Mindfulness is a real practice for me since I tend to be a thinker and have been known to "over-think" at times. Can anyone relate to that? I find that setting alarms on my phone to stop and breathe has helped. Creating a schedule to stop throughout the day and pay attention to my thoughts and address any negativity,  anxiety, or over-thinking. And, hanging around like-minded people, which is easy in our incredible Well & Company community, helps me to stay mindful.

Gratitude is important in creating more of what you want out of life. According to the Well & Company Daily Play Book, “Gratitude increases your motivation to achieve. It dispels depression, lowers stress, and helps frame things in a consistently positive way.” Have you started a gratitude journal yet?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to connecting with you soon! You can find me just about everywhere: @LauraLiLifestyle

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