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The Power in the Possible

The Power in the Possible

By Cynthia James, Well & Company Wellness Ambassador

The Power in the PossibleSix years ago my husband and I put in a road on our property. It led from our house to the horse barn and meadow. The purpose was to make it easier to get to the lower level of the property and to create access to a future studio. At the time, we did not have the funds to build a studio. It was just a dream. We carved out the space for the studio and for the next 5 years I would invite visitors into our vision. I asked them to activate their imagination and walk into the lower level. I asked them to see a space for retreats and a room for guest clients to stay. I then walked them up the imaginary stairs to the photo/video space where Carl would work his magic for clients wanting photographs and videos for their work. The experience was fun for our guests and for me it was clearly anchoring the possibility into form in my mind. I was inviting the invisible into the visible.

Last year, we broke ground and we are about one month from completion. As I walk into the space, it is incredible to have the experience of what once was a dream. Today, I am visualizing the clients and growth potential that the studio will serve.

What are you wanting to create? What is wanting to be birthed through you? Whatever it is lives in the field of infinite possibilities. The power lives within you. You are a co-creator with the universe. The call for you is to step into the possibility with your whole heart and mind. See it. Feel it. Share it with others to the point that they can imagine it too.

In the next few months, I will be sharing gifts to support your vision coming into the form. I have asked some of my successful author/teacher friends and colleagues to share their wisdom with us. So, you will receive tips, book endorsements and opportunities to grow internally and externally. I want this community to thrive and celebrate our wins together.

I recently invited over 60 people to support my vision of my new book, “I Choose Me” being a best seller for women. I asked them to join with me in their hearts. I asked them to see the book touching women all over the planet. I asked them to help me create events where women could come and experience possibility. The response has been amazing and I am so excited for the June launch date.

Together, we can make a HUGE difference in this world. I am so glad to walk with you and I know 2016 will be amazing for us all.

Love and light,


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