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by: Melissa Levy-Lien, Fitness enthusiast, CPT and founder of TheREBELworkout  - 

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Healthy skin is in! We’ve already talked natural sunscreens, and today we’re talking feeding your skin to keep it niiiiiiiiice and healthy.

Eating Fresh, Whole Foods Nourish Your Body

They help your skin from the inside out! Regularly consuming nutrient-rich foods will help enhance your skin’s appearance, boost its wrinkle-fighting ability, and protect against skin cancer.

First and Foremost - HYDRATE!

Do you see a trend? Seriously. We talk about how important hydration is all.the.damn.time. And for good reason! It’s basically a cure-all. When it comes to your skin, dehydration = wrinkles. Nobody likes wrinkles.

Eat GOOD Fat!

You know what we’re talking about - avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, fatty fish (for those awesome Omega-3s), walnuts, and chia seeds. All of these foods are rich in healthy fats acids, which will help protect against sun damage and skin cancer.

Eat Your (Green) Vegetables!

Spinach, swiss chard, arugula, and kale are all examples of nutrient-dense leafy greens that contain antioxidants - which support skin health! Add any of the above in a smoothie, and you’re good to go.

Speaking of Antioxidants… Eat the Rainbow!

For real. In addition to the yummy greens we’ve suggested, make sure you’re consuming deep purple, dark red, bright red, yellow, and orange fruit and veg. They are all health-enhancing, collagen-boosting, protective antioxidant rich foods. Get some beets, cabbage, purple asparagus, sweet potatoes, peaches, cherries, blackberries, eggplant, plums, blueberries, strawberries … ALLLLL the fruits and vegetables.

Drink Your Tea!

Iced, obvs. Green, white, black, and red teas are filled will goodness for your body. They contain antioxidant polyphenols, which help protect your skin from prematurely aging!

Skip the carbs, grains, sugars, and processed foods. Nourish from within, and feel confident in your glowing skin!

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