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This Is Our Year To Make History

This Is Our Year To Make History

By: Jim Pare, Well & Company Sales Development Consultant

All I can say is WOW! What a great opportunity and what fun I am having here at Well & Company.

When I arrived 5 short months ago, I found 3 great things: (1) the Well & Company products were top of the line, (2) Dr James was an amazing human being, (3) the Corporate Team was hard at work serving the existing Guides & customers, but there was something missing…

A "system" to help bring Well & Company to the masses. I knew from my more than 37 years of direct sales experience, that a structured selling system would do the trick.

Voila - meet the Gifting System, the Cube and the Cube Apprenticeship programs!

Thanks to all the great leaders in the field, who have already started taking these toll and running with them we are seeing great growth and business expansion!

Fast forward to 2017 - where we are turning the industry on its ear with the introduction of the Well & Company Digital Marketing System - a Warm Market Sales Funnel that everyone can use easily and successfully with friends, family & associates!

Using the warm market funnel is as easy as 1..2..3.

  1. Share your unique link: via Social Media or Email
  2. Watch as your friends, family and associates "sign-up" for their FREE GIFT of 3 days of Wake Well (all they pay is $1 for shipping).
  3. Follow-Up after 3 days and see how they loved their products and enroll them as a customer! - That's it! Super simple.

And the best news of all - is the Gifts you are giving away through your Sales Funnel are FREE to you for 90 days!

This win/win system is the most innovative industry idea existing today! So very proud of everyone who was instrumental in helping create this game changer. Get back to your Team Leaders and find out what all the buzz is about because I am certain you will want to be a part of this!

Cheers to the most innovative company in Direct Sales today AND to a leadership team that will break new records and help so many people changes their lives in the process!

The time is now! Let's make history in 2017!

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